Online Betting Sites

Sports betting sites reviewAs with many other things in the internet age, online wagering has undergone rapid growth in popularity over the past few years. This may be especially true when it comes to online wagering on horse racing, as many fans of the sport simply cannot get to the track to see most major races in person, be they in New York, Kentucky, California or elsewhere at one of the tracks around North America. For this reason, opening an online racebook account to ensure you never miss a chance to get a bet in on a big race makes perfect sense. 

Recommended Online Racebooks

One of the challenges with the emergence of online horse race wagering is finding the right racebook that fits your individual wagering needs, and also offers the best value for your betting buck. To help simplify things, we've reviewed some of the most popular racebooks out there, and provide an honest assessment of which ones we feel provide the best value, rewards and customer service.

What makes online betting better than the OTB?

The most obvious reason to wager online rather than at an OTB is simply the convenience of being at home wagering through your laptop rather than making the trip to the OTB. But it can be a money-saver as well. Driving to the OTB will cost you in gas, and maybe even parking. Even taking transit will cost you. And as most OTBs these days are at bars or restaurants, there will typically be a bill at the end of your day - with some OTBs even requiring a minimum food or beverage purchase. All of that cuts into your wagering profits and will instead go straight into your pocket when you wager online.

What kinds of rewards do online racebooks offer?

When you bet at the track or at an OTB, what you win is all you get. Most good racebooks, however, offer their clients something beyond just winnings, in the form of cash bonuses or matching bets that can really add to your bottom line. Our #1 rated racebook,, for example, offers a 50% welcome bonus of up to $250 when you open an account, money that can then be used on props or head-to-head wagering.